Car detailing involves not just cleaning the exterior of your car, but also it’s interior. It is done with finesse and hard work by professional car detailing companies to make your car looking as if it’s brand new. To have an idea on what is done to your car when you put it up for car detailing; here is a list of the process that undertakes.

Exterior Process

The first thing you notice on a car is the look of its exterior, so car detailing takes their time in giving your vehicle a perfect look. The wheels, rims, and windows are also cleaned in the process.

Power Clean

It starts with a pre-rinse using a power sprayer to remove primary dirt and stains. Then soap intended explicitly for cars is applied to soften the dirt and is then again rinsed.


A clay bar is used to remove any remaining dirt and also watermarks and traces of soap. Polishing of the exterior paint is also done to remove surface scratches and swirl marks.

Extra protection

Waxing is done with the paint of the car to give it an extra shine and protection from future dirt and stains.

Interior Process

A lot of dust and other foreign materials such as food can spoil your car seats even in the tiny areas. Car detailing makes sure that the interior of the car is cleaned thoroughly, starting from your car seats, upholstery, dashboard, etc., to your glass windows, door parts and even to the tiny parts of the car.


The first thing that happens is the use of vacuum to remove dust using a different vacuum attachment to reach even the tight spots that can be a source of lots of tiny trash.


Different sizes of brush and rags as wells as a specific detergent are used to clean the interior parts such as the door handles, dashboard, sideboards, compartments, etc. Brushing of the carpets is also done to clean hard to remove stains. Wiping of windows such as the door windows, front and rear windows using rags and cleaning detergents to give it an extra shine.


There are different kinds of upholstery that require different techniques in cleaning it. For leather upholstery, it takes more effort because it is a delicate material and using of soap and conditioner is used. And for vinyl and cloth type of upholstery, using simple upholstery cleaners or all-purpose cleaners is used to clean the seats.

Finishing Touch

Re-vacuuming to make sure no dust and dirt that remain. All random check-up is done to make sure no section in the interior is left untouched and then deodorizing of the interior is done to give it a fresh smell for the comforts of the passengers making them feel like they are riding in a brand new car.

Car detailing is never a waste of money for it brings your vehicle to its original and fresh look.