Mcpeekdodge 5.1jpeg

Mcpeekdodge 5.1jpeg

Every car manufacturer works very hard at coming up with unique names for their vehicle that are going to create lasting impressions. Dodge has done a great job at this and has created some long lasting memories when it comes to the names of their vehicles. Check out the great selection of Dodge vehicles at .

We can go back in time to the Dodge Aspen which was popular during 1976 to 1980 this was a compact car with its counterpart to being the Plymouth brand Volare which means “”I will fly”” or “”I will blow away”” in Spanish.

Another name in the Dodge lineup that created fond memories was the Dodge Diplomat between 1977 and 1989. This was a American midsized car that was almost identical to the Plymouth Grand Fury. Originally the Diplomat name was coined by Dodge for the two door hardtop models from 1950 to 1954.

Some may remember the Dodge Matador which was produced in 1960. Originally the name was used by the American motor Corporation during 1971 to 1978 for the mid-and full sized Matador AMC vehicles. the Dodge Shadow was introduced in 1987 but in 1991 there was a two door convertible version that was added to this Shadow lineup. in 1995 Dodge came out with the Dodge Venom which was comprised of the cab being a wired design structure.

When one looks at that the name of the Dodge vehicles they all depict a strength durability optimization and performance. A great name picking up by Dodge continues today and all’s one has to do as look at the 2017 Dodge Challenger. There is no doubt that that this vehicle is going to be a great challenge to any other vehicles coming out for the 2017 year of course the Dodge 2017 ram charger has a name that is going to be remembered especially by those that that have the chance to own this most impressive vehicle. Check out the great Dodge vehicles at .

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