Divorce is never any fun and no matter how appealing it seems it might be due to the number of people who engage in the practice in an ongoing repetitive plan almost from the start, it isn’t fun. There is so much going on in a divorce, even if there are no kids (which of course makes it all the more insane). You had legally, before law and before God, vowed to be together, and then you chose not to – you made the choice to actually go back on a legal oath to both the government and to the lord above. How could you do this? Well, you did, and now you have to face the music. So there are certain things you can do to help ease the transition into your new, divorced, who-can-ever-trust-your-word-again life. Here are a few tips:

Quit Cable


You need cable these days just about as much as you need to purchase compact discs – everything can be found for free on the internet. No, it’s not entirely legal, but you’re not really one to be preaching the legal side of things after you just went back on your legal oath, now are you? Since so much TV, including live sporting events and just-released shows, are online, you can forego the pay cable from now on. You can get, for a one time cost, all sorts of gadgets that will help you hook your computer up to your TV, but the idea of paying a monthly fee for something that is just so very free seems insane. Now that you’re divorced, you’ll be doing a lot more watching for One, so might as well save some money that can be spent on the soothing booze.

Downsize your Car


One thing that a lot of people waste a lot of money on is their car – both in terms of the car itself, aka the purchase price, and then also maintenance and gas costs. These add up especially for those of us who commute to work. Now that that second income is gone and you are doing all the driving, you might want to think about trading in your minivan or truck for a more practical, smaller car, that does better on gas mileage. For example, the Nissan Versa Note is a great small car that a lot of really cool people are getting because it’s affordable and it’s reliable and it gets great gas mileage. If you check them out at Nissan Claremont, they’ll let you test drive it; or you can start building your dream version of the little four door hatch back online at

Join a Dating Site


A app for your smart phone like Tinder is all you need if you just need to get your rocks off. Just find some decent looking like minded fool out there, get a drink or three in you, and get to a secure spot where you can get the rust off and prime yourself for the next phase of your life.

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