If you want to ride a moped or motorcycle on the roads of UK, you must complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. CBT training comprises multiple stages that must be duly cleared to legally ride on UK roads for at least the next two years. If the rigorous training and several levels of testing intimidate you, go through the following tips that shall help with your CBT test.

Take It Easy

Contrary to common belief, CBT is not a “test” per se. It’s essentially full-fledged training that spans an entire day. At the end of the training, you would be given your CBT certificate, provided your instructor is happy with your riding and road awareness skills. If you do not complete the training to the instructor’s satisfaction, you can undergo the training another day. Not completing the training doesn’t mean you failed the program, or you cannot take the training again before a specific period has elapsed from the date of previous training. So, take it easy!

Know the Theory

A CBT test is not just about your ability to ride a bike safely and skillfully. There’s solid focus on other aspects of riding too. In other words, you should have basic knowledge of UK traffic signs and the highway code at least, among several other things. You should be aware of the rules that pertain to motorcycle and moped riders. Your knowledge of other motorists’ likely course of action during various road traffic scenarios would also be tested. Therefore, go through the licensing regulations and riding skills that are key to CBT.

Know a Motorbike Beforehand

On the day of the test, you would get introduced to the motorbike. The instructor would show you all the controls of the bike. If you had little to no idea about the bike’s controls, all this information would either go over your head or you’ll find the data overwhelming.

Book a Course with a Training School

Book your CBT course directly with a motorbike training school. The training would typically be divided into five parts. In the first part, you would be introduced to CBT and eyesight check. On-site training, on-site riding, on-road training, and on-road riding make up the remaining parts. Basically, you would be taught what’s needed of motorcycle and moped amateur riders during CBT. Contact approved training bodies, such as London Motorcycle Training, if you’d like to have the most comprehensive CBT training.