Timken Wheel Bearings

You have been driving your car smoothly for some time but recently you can feel a slight wobble in your driving and an unpleasant sound coming from underneath. It is not your driving that is causing the wobble; it is probably your wheel bearings that need replacing. Wheel bearings have the job of ensuring that the wheels of your car or truck turn smoothly and safely. They take care of the friction and pressure that builds up in the tire to ensure a smooth rotation when turning. There are plenty of different wheel bearings in the spare shops today. One of the most commonly used brands is the wheel bearings hose attributes attract new uses every day.

Timken Wheel Bearings

Key features

Timken wheel bearings are built for heavy and light use. Their attributes make them a choice for many drivers and mechanics

Cups and cones are precisely matched

Engineered for longevity and reliability

They exceed OEM specifications

They feature the latest Timken proprietary designs.

They can cope with two inch offset loads in wide single tire configurations

They are also used for commercial wheel ends.

Easy and fast to install because the cup and cone come together in one box

Over fifty six pairs to chose from; you are spoilt for choice

There is a wide range to choose from for both manually adjusted and pre-adjusted wheel ends

Very widely covered and they are available in both brick and mortar sores as well as online car spare sites.

Wheel bearing manufacturers recommend replacing them after 750,000 to 1,000,000 rotations since this is here they are likely to give up and break apart. Ensuring that they are replaced with genuine parts and by an experienced and reputable mechanic will ensure you have wobble-less rides for a long time to come.

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