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There are many traditions that people may recall from the time they were young that bring back fond memories. You may remember the days when the ice cream man visited the neighborhood, when you put baseball cards in the spokes of your bicycle or even when the milkman would deliver milk to your home. Many of those traditions have faded away over time and such has been the demise of the local newspaper boy. Many boys grew up having the task of paper boy as their first real job so that they could get the extra cash they wanted for a new bike, basketball or other toy. So what brought about the demise of the paperboy and why has it happened?


The Industry Changed

The entire newspaper industry has undergone a lot of changes over the last thirty years or so and it has had an effect on the delivery of the newspaper in general. There was a time when newspapers ran two editions, the morning and evening, and paperboys would deliver both. With budget cuts and changes in the industry many newspapers have folded and today those that exist only run an early morning edition. The papers now have more centralized distribution areas and much earlier delivery deadlines, making it almost impossible for the papers to be delivered by kids anymore. This has led to over eight percent of papers in the U.S. today being delivered by adults in cars.

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Safety is a Factor

There is also a safety factor involved in the changes that have taken place. Fewer parents today are comfortable sending out their young teens at the early hours of the morning alone to deliver newspapers all over the neighborhoods. Not only are there many more fears that exist today but with more cars out on the road in the morning hours than ever before there is a greater potential for accidents to occur, putting kids at risk that may be out in the dark morning hours trying to deliver newspapers.

Attitudes Have Changed

Another factor involved in the change has been the change in attitude and work ethic of teens. Many newspapers cite that they have switched to adult delivery because they have a hard time finding teens that are willing to get up early every day and do the work needed to deliver papers. The job is an everyday commitment, no matter the weather, and few teens seem willing to do that type of work for not a lot of pay and the hope of good tips.

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It is sad that this tradition has begun to fade away, though some newspapers are working to try to bring back the idea of paperboy delivery with some success. It is more likely to stay a tradition in smaller towns with smaller newspapers than in larger areas, but it still does happen. If your son or daughter is a paper carrier, then you need to be prepared to help them out on snowy and heavy rain days by driving them around in your car. To do this, you want to be sure you have a safe and reliable vehicle from a place like . You can find the perfect car to help them deliver papers at so they can learn the value of a good job and you can enjoy your paper each day with personal delivery.

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