If dodging tourists and their suitcases, being stuck in traffic or putting up with an overcrowded and stuffy Tube journey every day isn’t appealing to you, you may want to consider getting a motorcycle. Getting to and from work on two wheels instead of four or instead of public transport gives you an undeniable sense of freedom, and the chance to see a different side of London that you may not have seen before. Riding a motorcycle means no more people invading your personal space on the Tube twice a day; instead you can experience that sense of freedom that is perhaps similar to riding a horse.

Most people who travel in London don’t use their weekly, monthly or annual travel pass to its fullest extent and if that sounds like you, getting a motorcycle means no more wasted travel cards.

If you are concerned about protecting the environment, a bike leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than a car which wastes a lot more petrol, especially when you are stuck in traffic much of the time. A motorbike is not only cheaper as it uses a lot less petrol to get you to your destination, it is easier to park too and many parking spots don’t charge motorcycle riders to park. All of this should improve your blood pressure on the daily commute to and from London.

For the best in motorcycle training London residents have the convenience and expertise of the London Motorcycle School to help them if they need to learn to ride.

If the names Motoden and Scooterden are familiar to you, that same well known scooter and bike store is behind the London Motorcycle School, so you can be guaranteed of the best possible training. You can also be ensured of full Driving Standard Agency authorisation to train bikers on how to ride their machine safely.

Being able to react safely and efficiently to different situations is also the goal of the school, and once you’ve completed the training you’ll be at home in a busy London street, on a quiet side road or in extreme weather. The school’s goal is to make you a capable, safe and confident rider able to deal with just about any situation you may encounter. And that includes London tourists looking right instead of left.

Everything you need for is included in the pay as you go classes offered by the London Motorcycle School, including gloves and helmet, insurance, the use of a bike and VAT. Contact the school today!