All cars come with air filters. Their job is to clean the air being sucked into the engine. They keep particles and air borne impurities from getting to the engine. This has the effect of giving the engine only clean filtered air. After some time, these filters are clogged by the dirt they have accumulated and they have to be replaced. This is so with paper filters. There are however, cotton filter that are reusable. You only need to clean it and then reinstall it back to its place.

Key features

  • They ¬†are washable and reusable
  • They last the lifetime of your vehicle
  • Modern design to increase horsepower
  • They are very east to install
  • They come with a million mile guarantee
  • their efficiency is as per OEM specifications

cotton reusable performance filters score highly on air filter efficiency, air filter capacity and filter performance. The aggregate effect is high performance and near-perfect engine protection. The air that goes into the engine through these K&N filters is also impeccable when properly installed, used and maintained.


The feature of being reusable is admirable because of its cost saving. K&N cotton reusable filters can also be recommended for off road use because unlike paper filters, they will not collapse if the vehicle hits flooded and muddy patches or if it is just caught in stream of fast flowing flood water.

Being among the leading after market filters K&N cotton reusable filters are priced higher than ordinary paper filters but their performance is well worth the cost. While most cars will have their filters checked and replaced at ten thousand miles, K&N cotton reusable filters will only need a thorough wash and you are good to go. Proper use and maintenance of these filters will enable you to use for a long time whether you will be doing your driving on paved rods or off-road.

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