“If you’re trying to make money vending your own wares, you are on the right path if you know you need to hit up the local flea markets, and even the not-so-local ones. We can’t rely totally on the internet these days and the hope that our product will go viral. No, we still need to get ourselves to the actual places where real live people go. And that’s why if you’re selling your jewelry or other arts and crafts, you need to hit up the flea market, but you need to hit it up right. You might as well make the most out of it. Here are some ways you can make the most out of it!



Your booth’s location is so important. If you’re way in the back of the market by the time people get to you, they’ll be out of money. You’ll hear them say that they love what you’re doing but they’ve already wasted all their disposable income on other people’s wares. You can’t have that and so you have to be located near the front of the flea market. There are a few ways of ensuring that, the simplest of which is to show up very early. Maybe it’ll require an extra cup of coffee, but it’s worth a little afternoon drowsiness and the like so that you can be in the prime spot. Another way is to bribe the market organizers, but we suggest you just show up early.

Bring As Much As You Can


The worst thing you can have happen is to run out of something. You might say, oh well you can find me online and order there, but no one actually leaves and then goes home to buy more. That’s an age old issue, how to get the money now, since no one remembers you to go spend later. You have to bring as much stuff as you to vend, and if that means you need a cargo van rental, so be it. That’s a smart move, as a van rental at AvonRents for example is quite affordable, and easily made up for when you do indeed have more in your customer’s size or color preference. Saying yes will get you money, saying no, come back another day, will see you to the poor house.

Be Attractive


Sorry, you politically correct folks out there. You can whine about it, but the truth of the matter is that if you are attractive more people, men and women, will come to your booth to see what you have going on. This doesn’t mean you have to be some blonde haired bimbo, quite the opposite. Be presentable and clean, friendly and put together. A little care in your personal appearance goes a long way. It’s amazing how even those of us who claim to not judge others still instinctively judge others. We can’t help it, it’s human nature. So you can march up and down with a sign saying not to discriminate based on appearance, or you can own it and get more business. ”

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