Apart from the flourishing scooter business, Honda has a solid reputation in the motorcycle and car industry. This implies that the consumer can rest assured that that Honda never releases any vehicle onto the market before it is thoroughly satisfied with the same. That being said, this scooter is extremely comfortable, hence, the comfort factor is always mentioned in any Honda PS125 review. The large seat, which props up the rider in a quite commanding position, plays a huge role in making this scooter comfortable. This plays a vital role when the rider is driving the scooter. Apart from boasting of an excellent suspension, the Honda PS125 is easy to mount as well. Consumers always expect excellent quality from New Honda products, and this well built scooter delivers excellently in terms of dependability and comfortability.

The PS, which means Perfect Scooter, boasts of fuel injection, 4 stroke liquid cooled 125cc engine that powers up to 65 miles per hour (MPH). However, this scooter performs perfectly at 65mph. The acceleration speed of this scooter is excellent, and allows the rider to handle it perfectly. The maximum torque is 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1, and the comp ratio is 11-1. Apart from being roomy for the rider, the seat offers lots of storage space. Most users find that they can put their gloves, some tools, and their helmet in the compartment underneath the seat. On an average, individuals using the PS 125 for commuting purposes find that they easily travel approximately 100 miles per tank of gas.

Honda has scored again, as usual, with this attractive and sleek bike, which looks much more costly than it actually is. This beauty, despite being light in weight, comfortably navigates all types of traffic. The affordable price tag of this scooter surprises most individuals, especially those who are on a tight budget and plan to purchase a scooter. The lined brake allows users to decelerate the scooter in a smooth manner. Why do you not inspect the Honda PS 125 thoroughly by checking its details on the website? You can be sure that you will never opt for any other scooter, once you have used this offering from Honda.