It has almost been 5 years since Fox5’s primetime reality show the Surprise Squad aired their first episode. The television show has since then touched many people’s lives including those who have watched every episode from across the world.

Conceptualized to bring hope in the goodness of humanity, the Surprise Squad has continuously dominated the airwaves. Their videos have amassed millions and millions of views from across continents as heart touching stories of tragedy and human suffering were lightened by the goodness of the people behind the reality show.

One such example is the love story of an old couple in Las Vegas who both were suffering from a physical condition. The old man was suffering from cancer and the woman was on oxygen twenty four hours a day.

Because they had to spend much of their money on radiation therapy, the couple did not have enough to have their air conditioner fixed. The Surprise Squad made it possible for them to change their air-conditioner without spending anything. It was all they really needed to make their lives a little better. The old man didn’t make it through their 55th Anniversary which would have been a month after, but the love the couple exemplified brought tears to so many people who watched the episode.

The Surprise Squad makes everything possible with the help of sponsors who are willing to lend their hands, time, and resources to make the lives of Las Vegas residents a little better. Such philanthropists who were taken aboard by the reality show is Don Forman. A successful entrepreneur and an advocate of humanitarian causes, he never hesitated to become an active participant.

Don Forman owns United Nissan and Tustin Nissan, both a successful dealerships Las Vegas and California. He has appeared in several of the episodes, giving recipients a brand new vehicle. The successful businessman is one of the prime movers in Las Vegas, giving back to society the achievements he has received. He actively participates in many humanitarian causes including the Fox5’s Surprise Squad.

As one of the sponsors of the show, Don Forman has announced his plans of staying longer with the network and their philanthropic acts. He has donated more than a dozen vehicles to deserving people including seven young women who are about to have their college scholarship grants from Epicurean Charitable Foundation.