Do you want to get your motorcycle licence or are you trying to get your unrestricted licence? Maybe you have to complete DAS Training in order to qualify for the A2 licence. We maintain one of the most trustworthy facilities in this area. We’re staffed by CBT course London instructors who have proudly served a vast range of clients, including several well-known celebrities. Our facility is certified and only uses the latest and most cutting-edge training equipment. Sign up for your course now to enjoy the freedom of riding the wind on a manual or automatic bike.

Assistance In Acquiring Your A2 Licence

We can assist you in getting an unrestricted licence or an A2 licence if you happen to be over the age of 19. Before you’re able to complete the A2 licencing course, you will need to have a full, unrestricted licence or EU driver’s licence. More importantly, you will need to complete compulsory basic training for eligibility if you’re using the progressive licencing system and do not yet have your A2 licence. During compulsory basic training, you’ll learn the five elements for skillful bike riding.

Among these are riding off-road, riding on-road, safe use of bike controls, understanding the jargon of riding, and improving your eyesight. Once each of these elements have been learned and the CBT course has been completed, the motorcycle theory test will have to be taken. The theory test is exactly what it appears to be. There are a number of questions about different scenarios that might be encountered whilst riding your bike. Your knowledge of hazard awareness will be tested as will your understanding of traffic signs, loading bikes, vehicle types, motorcycle handling, and basic rules.

The instructors we maintain are highly educated, compassionate and patient, so there is no worry even for those who have never ridden motorcycles before. Our overarching go is to ensure that you’re absolutely comfortable while riding and to help you develop greater riding skills. Get connected with us now to schedule your first lesson.

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