Not only does Honda have a reliable reputation in the car and motorcycle industry, but it is also known for building popular scooters too. Consumers can rest assured that New Honda would never sell vehicles that are not of the highest quality. Thus, it should be no surprise that the average Honda PS125 review is good.

The Honda PS125 is relatively comfortable little scooter. It has a large seat that lifts the rider into a very prominent position, which is a great feature for riders who venture into large volumes of traffic. The seat provides adequate space for the driver, and it provides room enough to store gloves, a helmet and other necessities below the seat. In addition, the Honda PS125 is simple to mount, and it has a good suspension. This scooter is an all-around vehicle that is not only comfortable, but it is also well built and reliable.

The “PS” in the Honda PS125’s name stands for Perfect Scooter. It has fuel injection with a liquid-cooled 4-stoke. Even though it has an 125cc engine that is designed to go as fast as 65 miles per hour, it is best to stay within the 50 miles per hour range. As you can see, not only is this scooter made with quality, but it’s also fast. In addition, it has a maximum torque of 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1, and a comp ratio of 11-1. The Honda PS125 also has linked brakes, which eliminates the need for hard braking. This is a feature that is usually hard to find in other motor bikes. Also, most riders like that they can travel up to 100 miles on just one tank of gas.

Honda has a reputation for building popular vehicles, and it has done the same thing with the PS125. Not only does it perform well, but it also has a very modern and sleek design that commands an expensive price tag. However, in the average Honda PS125 review, most drivers love that it is an exceptionally quality find for such a low price. It is truly budget friendly and popular among buyers. For more information about the Honda PS125, please visit